Tijana + Mark / Wedding photography in Novi Sad (Serbia)

Tijana + Mark / Wedding photography in Novi Sad (Serbia)

Love Storie

This is my fav article, because my dear friend Tijana’s got married. You all know Tijana by her beautiful voice and songs, and also form covers on youtube and excellent live gigs. I met her a few years ago – i had run into some clips on youtube, and i figured out it was a girl from Novi Sad, which have the greatest voice in Serbia. Since I was impressed with her voice, I sent her a message through fecebook, and she invited me to a gig on Danube park, and we started to hang out and we become friends. 🙂 …And so a few years later, Tijana fell in love, with a guy from Boston (USA ) who is also a great singer 🙂 …i must admit you one thing, if you love Tijana, you will definitely love Mark… They were married in Boston and after that, they organised a wedding in Serbia for Tijana’s family and friends. Wedding ceremony was in Karlovci, in the beautiful Orthodox Church and the party was in Skipper Yachting CLUB in Novi Sad, in Boston where they live, they create great gigs for other people’s celebrations and events, so on their own wedding the party was phenomenal, because of their friends who are mostly musicians 🙂 The day after the wedding, we photographed editorial shoots and recorded two new video clips that you can check at the end of the post … 🙂 I hope you enjoy these photos and music … And for my dear T&M, I want you to make global careers and to love each other until the end of time … and of course everything else in between …
PS: I can’t wait for you to come back to Serbia 🙂 so much I wanted to say and write and probably half that I forgot … Love You… and i hope i create you guys great memories for your special lovely day … XO.XO

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Special thanks to my friend ph.Drazen Žigić for sharing this experience with me 🙂

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