Jasmina + Aleksandar / Wedding photography in Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Jasmina + Aleksandar / Wedding photography in Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Love Storie

Beautiful Jasmina and Aleksandar was having amazing Wedding in Bijeljina. We had no opportunity to get to know each other before the big day, because their live and work in Swiss. They book us online, send us a schedule, and we were on the road for Biljina. Naturally we always bring positive energy (cafe is the key ;), and we clicked instantly. Everything was great with the timing, we finish preparation images and details and we were on the road to church for a big ceremony. After the church wedding, it was raining (it’s the blessing – people say), but the bride was sad because she’s planning little photo-shoot outdoor. We try improved her mood, cause we arrange shoot for other day outdoor, and we took some cool shoots in the hotel instead. She got a lot of kisses from her husband, so she was happy again, and ready for party 🙂 When the weather was better, 2-3 days after the wedding day, we did post wedding editorial in Novi Sad, in local park and Petrovaradin fortress. They were like pro in the beginning of shooting, so after a while they were their own, and we love it 🙂

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