Sally And Angie / Photo-shooting a kids fashion campaign


Sally & Angie is a children’s clothing brand that features classic styles with standout prints that have been originally digitally hand painted. It’s a children’s brand for girls that was dreamed up by two friends that live on different sides of the world. When it comes to style, they couldn’t be more opposite from each other. Sally has a very classic style while Angie’s is bold. In their collection you will see how they merged both of their personalities in a unique way to create classic styles with striking prints. S&A use nature as inspiration in many of our designs and strive to create beautiful works of art in each piece they create. They believe fun is always in fashion! 

We didn’t have experience of photo-shooting a kids fashion campaign, but we take that as a challenge, and we did our homework.
From Select Model Agency We booked the girl, 7 years old, and she was so amazing and professional.  She understand every request of the client, and she was fun with lots of personality, and really joy to work with. The Make-up artist on the set was Milica from Ena Jovic makeup Studio, and the stylist was amazing Bojana Ugresic. Here is the photos that we did, and also you can check their website here

Projekat: Look Book
Brend: Sally and Angie
Produkcija: Inspire-Shoots
Fotograf: Rale Radovic
Stilista: Bojana Ugresic
Model: Select Model Agency
Šmink: Milica / Makeup Studio Ene Jović
Assistant: Drazen Zigic
Lokacija: Zoom Studio / Beograd



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