Hello, I'am Rale Radovic, fashion & a wedding photographer from Belgrade and Novi Sad – Serbia, and I work anywhere my job got me too. My style of shooting is a mix of fashion, beauty and wedding. I love the variation and difference between those styles and sometimes mix things up. I’m always inspired by emotions, love, and beauty in general.
I know that each segment is equally important in the creative process and getting the best results, so, I‘ve gathered a small team of artists, with similar sensibilities and we can offer our clients the highest level of service and fulfill every requirement.

I'm always happy to help or give a recommendations, and you are more than welcome to say hello, ask a questions or book me for the job anywhere on the globe!  Have a nice time, and hope to see you on the next shooting !

Best Regards Rale Radovic Ceo and Photographer at Inspire-Shoots

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Darija + Tomo

We pack our bags and gear and travel to Montenegro to shoot the beautiful wedding of Darija and Tomo who invite us to save their most important memories. We have amazing time and we have great weather for the end of this season. They are young, successful, stylish, great looking and really nice people. We have the opportunity to shoot the groom for our fashion campaign for the great brand Pray Eyewear 4-5 years ago, and we were in contact and we were so delighted when he give us a call to shoot his and Darijas special day. Here is some sneak peek, and we will post the hole story soon as we edit all the images 🙂

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Aseneta + Stefan

Beautiful and young couple from Novi Sad Asenta & Stafan was take some pre-wedding shoots near Novi Sad at the national park Fruska Gora. Asenta, her sister and makeup artist had a car accident, on the day of shooting, but luckily they were not hurt. With a little delay on the schedule, we was finally at the first location.

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Tamara + Sergij

When Tamara (the Bride) give us a call for her and Sergijs (The Groom) special day, we were so exited because we love to travel, especially when we had a destination wedding by the sea. When we arrived in Poreč, we finally meat in

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