Hello, I'am Rale Radovic, fashion & a wedding photographer from Belgrade and Novi Sad – Serbia, and I work everywhere my job got me too. My style of shooting is a mix of fashion, beauty and wedding. I love the variation and difference between those styles and sometimes mix things up and because of that, I’m always inspired by emotions, love, and beauty in general.
I know that each segment is equally important in the creative process and getting the best results, so, I‘ve gathered a small team of artists, with similar sensibilities and we can offer our clients the highest level of service and fulfill every requirement.

I'm always happy to help or give a recommendations, and you are more than welcome to say hello, ask a questions or book me for the job anywhere on the globe!  Have a nice time, and hope to see you on the next shooting !

Best Regards Rale Radovic Ceo and Photographer at Inspire-Shoots




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Aseneta + Stefan

Beautiful and young couple from Novi Sad Asenta & Stafan was take some pre-wedding shoots near Novi Sad at the national park Fruska Gora. Asenta, her sister and makeup artist had a car accident, on the day of shooting, but luckily they were not hurt. With a little delay on the schedule, we was finally at the first location.

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Tamara + Sergij

When Tamara (the Bride) give us a call for her and Sergijs (The Groom) special day, we were so exited because we love to travel, especially when we had a destination wedding by the sea. When we arrived in Poreč, we finally meat in

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